Student Health Plans

** Please note that ACSA plans will only be available through January 31, 2014 with no renewal thereafter. **

For providers in your area

Please visit or call (800) 767-0700.

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Please note that after 11/2/2013, coverage may only be purchased by mailing in an enrollment form with a check or money order directly to United Healthcare Student Resources. The applicable forms for the state you attend school are underlined below. Please note the payment instructions on Page 2 of the form!

For domestic and international students while attending college in the United States.
**Please note that it is the responsibility of the student to renew his or her insurance plan.
Renewal notices are sent during the plan year, but not in the break of a policy year. For questions regarding the status of your plan, please call Customer Service directly at 1 800 767-0700.

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Compare rates for our various Health Insurance plans.

Insurance and Other Plans

The staff at ACSA selects the best insurance resources for:

  • Students who are no longer covered by parents,
  • Students who are in transition from college to the workplace
  • International students who need visa compliant coverage,
  • Grad students or students who are married, and
  • Students who need temporary coverage.
  • Domestic students traveling abroad

We offer 3, 6, 9, and 12 month payment options. You can pay online or by mail.

You may review these policies or purchase a plan from this site.

* Mail-in applications can take up to two weeks to be processed. Please call (800) 767-0700 to inquire about the status of your policy.

For information regarding eligibility, benefits, exclusions/ limitations, please review the 2012-2013 brochures to learn more about our plans. Rate information is contained on Page 2 of the corresponding Mail-In Enrollment Form. Please note our plans filed in Washington, DC include all states except for MA, NH, NC, NJ, WA, OR, PR, and VT. If you attend school in NY, please see the applicable Brochure and Mail-In Enrollment Form below.

For providers in your area, please visit or call (800) 767-0700.

For specific coverage questions regarding our health plans, please contact customer service at (800) 505-5450.


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